The perfect life

I said yesterday I would write in more detail about my complicated relationship with the journal-effort that I’m calling A Perfect Life. It’s complicated. First of all, a reminder of the physical object I’m talking about: It’s a beautiful thing, a leather-bound journal with probably 120 pages or so of nice paper. I bought it […]


So last night, I was reading a little Herodotus in bed—as one does—… No, really, Herodotus is a hoot.  We’re still reading him 2,500 years later because he’s such a gossip.  He reminds me of T. R. Pearson and of Lawrence Sterne in that he is absolutely unable to resist a detour into whatever name/event/detail comes […]


I began unpacking my old office stuff, and doing so raises an issue: what to do with all that stuff. I had four large plastic tubs filled with stuff from my office: books, folders, decorative items, a veritable medicine cabinet, a small flock of tools, rulers, pens, inks, markers, sticky notes, labels, teas, a coffee […]

2011 Proposed Efforts, part 1

Let’s talk about my Proposed Efforts for 2011. Some of them are rollovers from 2010. A couple are new. First, the list: finish the cello sonata write a good short story play with the 24-Hour Challenge again continue painting create my new age album, Stars on Snow create the westpoint sculpture Since I have today […]

Sumer is icumen in

My summer of Myself is on the horizon, 1 month 2 days and 17 hours to be precise, and I find that it cannot come quickly enough. (Note: my “summer” doesn’t begin until I return from helping set up GHP on Tuesday, June 15!) What are my goals? sketch five proposals for the Ayrshire Fiddle […]