Summer Countdown: Day 1

If I had had the last six days free, this would be the final day of my summer. However, even though technically I have no firm obligations today, I am determined to be a Good Person and go into the media center to start setting it back to rights, so time was up last Wednesday. Oh well.

So how did I do? As a reminder, here were my goals:

sketch five proposals for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra piece

I did this one. Easy.

sketch, if not complete, the designated proposal for said piece

I started work on the segments of Rondo mobile, since it’s going to be a rondo, but I haven’t been very assiduous on that.

make headway on the Epic Lichtenbergian Portrait

I did a lot more sketches and a serious number of paint sketches, plus I put myself through the torture that is Diane Mize’s Art Camp. (Yes, I see you there, Diane.) Two of them go on exhibit in a week up at Picaflor Gallery.

further explore my “Field” series of paintings, and even finish the one I promised a young friend this time last year

Nope. Not even once.

build a “party patio” on the upper lot

I could use the excuse that unexpected expenses , like the child scraping his face off , prevented me from working on this, and I would not be wrong. I did take a few steps towards working on the planting area, but honestly this one’s a cras melior est as well.

finish a couple of things in the labyrinth, especially the westpoint

I didn’t get to the westpoint. When am I going to get to the westpoint? I revamped what I have there, but I didn’t even come close to getting the drillpress out and creating the stone circle. On the other hand, I have struggled mightily to maintain the grass out there all summer, and largely I have failed. I don’t know what the deal is. And I owe an apology to the child for suspecting that he simply failed to water it last summer.

begin writing the journal I’ve chosen to call A Perfect Life

Not even once. I think, without turning around here at my desk, that I know where the gorgeous blank book is that I’m going to use to do this… someday… but I could not swear with certainty. This goal is an interesting one, and I’ll discuss it more fully tomorrow.

establish some kind of exercise routine

Hey, I did for a couple of days. I’m going to claim health issues on this one. If you had been as dyspeptic as I’ve been since January, you wouldn’t want to exercise either. I even had used The First Churchills as a carrot to get me to stay put on that stupid elliptical for at least 30 minutes. Bleh.

So, out of eight goals, I only accomplished two and a half? I am not proud. In my defense, I did get the Six Preludes (No Fugues) started and largely finished, and I did a fearsome amount of reading/study this summer, but on the whole, I was a lazy lazy wastrel.

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