3 Old Men: Euphoria… ready… set…

I spent today packing for the burn, which means I went to my database and printed out a five-page list of over 160 items that I have to pull from here and yon and get them ready for transport.

Since I’m using Craig’s trailer, everything has to fit onto a 6×8 rectangle. Behold!

If you look carefully, you can see the blue rectangle I chalked down to plan ahead.  Up at the top of the driveway you’ll notice the trailer backed into the carport—a feat so impressive that I had to put out a call on Facebook to beg someone to come do it for me.  Even after practicing for 30 minutes in a large parking lot on Bullsboro, once I got to College Street I could not get the thing even to approach the driveway.  So much for Radical Self-Reliance!

Let’s look at it from the other end:

All the stuff in front is going in the car.  The tools and bamboo will go between the tubs, cushioned by multiple tarps.

Tent, kitchen, tables, canopy, fire pit, fuel, tools, labyrinth (three tubs), tiki torches, lighting, ritual items, musical instruments, food, clothing.  All there.

Turn, turn, kick, turn—yes, it will WORK!


New herbs

I post this photo for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I’ll be gone until next week Camping with the Hippies™, and I really ought to post something before I leave.

Secondly, this is a new section for the herb garden.  I’ve taken over what used to be a bed of day lilies until some landscaper or other —not me!— replaced it with nothing.  Ugh.

There are four plants in the picture.  At top is lemon verbena, which I have planted before.  It has a gorgeous smell.

At the bottom left is horehound, which I’ve never planted before.  It’s good for coughs, etc.

In the center is borage, which I have planted but it’s been a long time.  You can put it in salads—mild cucumber flavor—and its flowers are edible as well.  It repels insects from the garden, and it apparently self-seeds generously.

And the tiny little sprout above the shrub is bergamot, aka bee balm.  I’ve had it before for the flowers, and here’s what my source The Growers Exchange says about it:

Bergamot has a long history of use as a medicinal plant by many Native Americans, including the Blackfeet. The Blackfeet Indians used this hardy perennial in poultices to treat minor cuts and wounds. A tea made from the plant was also used to treat mouth and throat infections caused by gingivitis, as the plant contains high levels of a naturally occurring antiseptic, Thymol, which is found in many brand name mouthwashes. Traditionally used to ease bloating and digestion because of its carminative properties, as well as to treat headaches and fevers, Bee Balm makes a strong and slightly spicy tea, tasting of mint and oregano.

I post the photo because the horehound and borage are supposed to spread wildly, so in a couple of years this patch may look like the Dill Plant That Ate Newnan.

I ordered more from Growers Exchange, and in looking up all the plants to see how high they would get and how I might arrange them, I discovered that all of them are rapacious spreaders, perhaps even invasive.

But all of them (and the ones above) bloom and attract bees and butterflies, and that’s my main goal here.  Except for the cardoon (arriving soon). That’s for eatin’.

No, darlings, that does not appeal to me

Go support the artist from whose website I borrowed this image.

from: Dale Lyles
cc: Sam Anders, Mike Crane, Drew Ferguson, Chip Flanegan, Richard Mix, Jim Pace

Dear Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, Third District:

Stop trying to get me to vote for you by trumpeting that you are a Washington outsider.  I do not want a Washington outsider representing me in the Congress. I want someone who understands how the system in Washington works and who will make it work.  I don’t want a chimpanzee with a spanner.  That’s who you’re replacing, and the results were completely predictable and completely deplorable.

Dale Lyles

P.S. Tamarkus Cook and Angela Pendley: I know the Democratic Party is not funding your campaign, but you really ought to get something on votesmart.org.

P.P.S. Richard Mix: I don’t think an Instagram account is the same as a real campaign site.  Especially when you haven’t posted anything.

Task Avoidance: Artist Trading Cards

I am trying to sketch a visualization of William Blake’s Inn nearly every day, but what that means is that I’ve been staring at a collection of raw materials on my drafting table every day, and today I was forced—forced, I tell you—to create an Artist Trading Card [ATC].

Here’s the main idea, from a post I wrote several years ago.  (tl;dr: 2-½ x 3-½ cards, decorated and labeled, then traded or given away.)

I doodled with some a couple of years ago:

These were labeled as Destructive Series; there were more, but I’ve given them away.  The concept for these was to splash out some kind of Abortive Attempt onto the card, then “destroy” the image by blanking part of it out with glued-on paper.  (The third one turned out so nicely that I didn’t destroy it.)

Today I started a series called Indeterminate Objects:

So, a great way to waste a half hour while avoiding work on Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy—or greatest way to waste a half hour while avoiding work on Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy?

Lichtenbergianism: Building the online empire

Back to work.

When last we looked in on Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy, I was reading through The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published [EGGYBP] and working on all the advice contained therein.  Chapter 2 deals with one’s online presence and how to capitalize on that.

Okay, I’ve read the chapter a couple of times and I have to admit I’m kind of stuck in a little mental eddy.  I know what they’re talking about, of course, and I’ve seen all of the strategies and platforms in action, but where I’m stuck is figuring out how best to proceed.

There are a couple of stumbling blocks.  The first is deciding on who I want to be in this endeavor.  I already have this blog, and accounts with Twitter, Tumblr, Imgr, and Instagram, not that I use them (because I don’t have to.)

But I think it’s wise—and smart—to split Dale Lyles from Lichtenbergianism.  I can post my liberal rants or muse on the aspects of ritual in the 3 Old Men or post my music and William Blake’s Inn sketches—but that’s muddying the waters when it comes to attracting a “permission base” to Lichtenbergianism.  Anyone who heads to the intertubes looking for Lichtenbergianism ought to be able to be immersed in it.

That means a separate website/internet presence based completely on the book and any services/goods I might be offering.  (What, you don’t want to buy a Lichtenbergian brand Waste Book? Or a Cras melior est hoodie?)

So there’s the first stumbling block.  Do I want to go to the trouble of establishing lichtenbergianism.com and @TheLichtenbergian and all that before anyone shows any interest in the book, or do I need to do that in order to attract interest in the book?  Ugh.  Around and around I go.

The second stumbling block is the incredible amount of time/work it takes to establish that permission base of online followers.  I’m going to be posting about the different strategies in Chapter 2, but a lot of them deal with joining one’s online community.

Who, exactly, is that?  I work in a vacuum here in Newnan, and of course that’s my own fault for not looking for my “community” online, but which community is that?  Writers?  Painters?  Gardeners?  Efficiency experts? Creativity gurus?  All of the above?

Thinking that I have to spend hours a day checking on these communities and establishing a presence there just gives me the fantods.

Oh well.  Excelsior.

WBI: 04/20/2016

More imagery of what my song cycle William Blake’s Inn might look like if some enterprising theatre company decided to stage it:

I’m thinking that at their first appearance, the Tiger and the King of Cats should probably be in their puppet avatar.  The denizens of the Inn would move forward, perhaps; at any rate, they would “come to life.”

Musicallyspeakingwise, this is from 0:30–1:00.



That is the sound of rightwing nutjob’s brains when they are invited to leave a comment on a World Daily Online article entitled OBAMA ANNOUNCES HORRIFYING NEW EXECUTIVE ACTION.

First, a little background.  World Daily Online is one of those nutjob aggregators that take brief snippets of news, rewrite the lead-in, slap a clickbait headline on it, and conclude with “Tell us what you think in comments.”  You will notice, if you take a look at the main page, that the screamy headlines are all a bit similar.  If you believed WDO, President Obama and Hillary Clinton do nothing but PANIC, and you yourself will constantly be either ill or in disbelief with the events of the day.

For your average conservative nutjob, it’s the perfect way to get your angerbear on first thing in the morning, and the comments are about what you would expect.[1]

So what HORRIFYING NEW EXECUTIVE ACTION is Obummer guilty of this time?

Here, go read it.


Now, I don’t know about you, but an a la carte approach to cable offerings has been a desideratum for this dirty freaking hippie for some time.  Why am I paying for shopping channels or entire channels devoted to the exploits of dead golfers or sitting in boats or college football players who are now more geriatric than I am?

Also—and here the nutjob and the hippie are of one mind—are we not concerned to the point of rebellion over the ickiness of huge, practically monopolistic corporations?

So here the Muslim Kenyan Usurper says, hey, I think we should give the people more choice in how their money is spent, and how do the nutjobs react?


They can’t do it.  They cannot say, “Wow, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then” or “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day” or any other sequence of words that would give the MKU any props whatsoever.  They simply cannot do it.  The comments are an amazing study of cognitive dissonance.

I love that the article has over 2500 FaceTube shares of this HORRIFYING EXECUTIVE ACTION. I am amused that the authors of the website didn’t bother to recast any of the actual facts, so that their readers get the news that something they probably have bitched about is being supported by the MKU, straight up.

I’m a little concerned that—and this will shock you—the headline and lead are completely offbase in their characterization of the event.[3] The angerbears, who I am willing to bet are not getting their news from any actual news source, now firmly believe that they have one more example of the MKU’s blatant disregard of the Constitution.[4]  If you were to engage one in discussion, their unshakable faith in the perfidy of Barry Hussein Soetero Obama would be an irritating, teflon-coated wall, impervious to actual real Things, and this article will have contributed to that.

Oh well.  As the sage once said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”  It’s just amusing that some brains can’t process some facts when they don’t agree with their opinions.[5]


[1] Never read the comments.[2]

[2] Read the comments.  They’re a hoot, and a great way to get your eyebrows and jaws their exercise first thing in the morning.

[3]  Here’s the Washington Post article.  See if you can tell the difference. That’s right, Billy, “urging” the FCC to do something is not the same as “issuing an executive order.”

[4] Unconstitutional?  Meh.  It’s a gray area, but most jurists are inclined to give the sitting President the benefit of the doubt.

[5] Actually, most brains can’t, but don’t get in my way when I’m being mean to nutjobs.

An easy one

From today’s FaceTube:

Because the rock star is punching up at the discriminatory power structure, but the baker is punching down at the discriminated.

There you go.  You’re welcome.