I’ve been asked to write a piece for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra for their appearance in Newnan next summer. This page is a repository for the sketches I am submitting for consideration, plus the eventual work.



This sketch is based on a piece generated by Marc Honea, playing with algorithms and synthesizers. Includes a glockenspiel.

score | mp3 (0:41)

The Labyrinth in Snow

A simple, Romantic-style work, featuring solo violin, cello, and piano

score | mp3 (0:42)


This will be a theme and variation, based on the hymn tune Resignation, best known as “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need.” I finished this piece on December 2, 2010.

score [pdf, letter] [pdf, A4]| mp3 (3:39)

Rondo Mobile

I wanted to try something closer to the AFO’s “house style” of fiddly-bits kind of fiddling, but not quite folk dance. The opening theme will return to home base repeatedly after going very astray, which it does almost immediately

score | mp3 (0:32)

Waltz: Allegro gracioso

This is an arrangement of the third movement of my Symphony in G, the only movement I’ve completed so far. Includes timpani & bass drum (playable by one percussionist) and piano.

score | mp3 (3:54)

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