Omphalos, Day 3

After fretting about it all night, I decided that I would add more height to the bowl, for several reasons. First, as I mentioned yesterday, if I wanted more than an inch of water in the bowl after I cut slots for the bricks to jut into, I needed more to cut into. Second, by adding height I would also add width. The inside measurement stood at about 20 inches; with shrinkage, it might barely fit under the granite, and I think it would be better if it were significantly set back.

Anyway, here’s the bowl after adding one coil:

You can see how shallow it was. So I added two more coils after this, and ended up with:

It’s mammoth. It’s 22 inches across, inside measurement. I’m a little afraid of it, actually. Now I let it dry and set for a couple of days before making my incisions.

The floor is still open for discussion of what the interior should look like.

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