Omphalos, Day 2

So first we flipped the bowl:

Here’s an interior shot:

I had developed concerns that it was not wide enough, the opening of the granite is 19 inches, and it wasn’t, but Andy showed me how to shape it and stretch it. As I worked, it opened up to at least 20 inches, which should be about right. I would feel more comfortable if I had made it larger to begin with.

Also, as I worked, the bottom flattened out quite a bit. I’m now developing concerns that it’s too shallow, in terms of cutting slots for the bricks to fit through.

8 thoughts on “Omphalos, Day 2

  1. What about some kind of shiny inlay that would reflect beneath the surface of the water? Or do you want the omphalos ultimately lost in murky depths (or murky shallowness)?

  2. You may remember I had found that glass bowl with gold leaf in the glass that would have been quite striking if it hadn’t been too small. So the reflective thing would be quite interesting. I’ll have to ask Andy if it can be done.

    But the murky depths is also appealing… What to do, what to do?

  3. I think you’ve also coined a phrase. Let me try it out: “I think she’s flipped her friggin bowl!” I like it.

  4. The shrinkage issue is why the bowl is flatter and shorter than I intended it to be: in shaping it to make it wider, the whole thing squashed itself. I really think I’m going to add two more coils to it today.

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