The Fear Factor

Remember my post about conservative mindsets being based on fear and paranoia?

Exhibit A.

This was an elsewhere on the web ad link on one of the evil liberal blogs I read regularly.  For some reason, all those search paradigms that are supposed to be showing me cocktail recipes and cat videos keep pulling in the most incredibly stupid dreck.  And for some reason, I clicked on it this time.


No, I didn’t watch the video.  Yet.  It’s 34 minutes long, and I’m supposed to be writing an art song and/or an opera.

But I did scroll all the way to the bottom.  So much yummy craziness!  So much vague scariness!  So few links to supporting data!  As far as I can tell, in fact, there’s only this one page.  An ad.

Such a deal, though.  Seriously, aren’t you tempted to fork over $39 (plus s/h) for the opportunity to have all of this stuff to marvel at?

It’s porn, pure and simple, for the conservative nutjob mind.  They need to think that they will survive all on their own, striding manfully across the dystopian landscape while the weaklings are left behind.

Dangerous, dangerous thinking.  And yes, there are people who think like this.  Go search for interviews with the militia types who have swarmed to “support” Cliven Bundy.  It’s like listening to riled-up 10-year-old boys on a playground, or adolescent punks taking sides over some imagined slight.  Such tough, tough, super-lame chest-thumpings.

I have no solution, of course, other than to cede Nevada to them and make them all move there.

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