World Labyrinth Day 2014

The first Saturday of every May is World Labyrinth Day, and I’ve celebrated for a couple of years now.  So far, it’s been a private kind of meditation event.  Maybe next year I’ll open the labyrinth for walking at the 1:00 worldwide walk…

Yesterday was more private than ever: just me and my kilt and my labyrinth.

I spent the late morning and early afternoon out there, gardening, cleaning up, prepping candles, etc.  After everything was ready, I just sat back and wrote letters and read.

I walked the labyrinth several times, sometimes with music, sometimes with birds and leaf blowers.  Nothing earth-shattering, just profound gratitude for this space and my life.

My favorite time in the labyrinth is late afternoon into sunset: the light slants across the space (as above) and the grass burns green.  Day birds end their shift; the dusk crowd starts checking in.  Knots of winged insects catch the light.  Everything just breathes more calmly.  Soon it’s time to light the candles and light the fire.

And then it’s just beautiful.  A wise person sits and tries to hear the sermon.

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