Omphalos, Day 6

The bowl was dry and firm enough to begin cutting. First I used my handy template to mark where the channels for the bricks ought to be:

If I had been thinking, I would have cut way around the circle, since I was successful in making the bowl big enough to extend beyond the edge of the granite.

Then I used my little brick template to mark the channels:

Since I’m pretty sure the granite was not cut on precisely 90° angles, I took care to mark the cardinal points on the template, and on the bowl.

Here’s the first channel cut:

I cut it a little larger than the template. It will shrink, i.e., get bigger, as the clay dries and is then fired, but that’s OK. I want the margin of error to be big enough to accommodate the reality of the bricks in the dirt. I will not have another chance to get this right. Once I get the bricks set, I can fill in any terrible gaps with caulking if I feel like it.

Finally, all four channels cut:

I saved the cutouts, maybe I’ll make little markers out of them.

The interior continues to be a puzzle. Andy’s not sure about how gold leaf would adhere to the glaze, and it would be a constant battle to keep it gilded. All the sticks and dirt would scratch it off almost immediately. I’m thinking I may smooth the exterior as well.

A reminder of where this is going:

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