Dear Amygdala-Based Lifeforms…

So yesterday afternoon, the Current Disgrace tweeted this: I am not going to get into all the LAW, ORDER [,] and JUSTICE that the Republican Administration is doing all over the place at the moment.[1] Rather, allow me to address the premise of the direct intravenous shot of fear and anger he’s giving his amygdala-based […]

Here’s your amygdala on drugs…

…or at least that’s the only reasonable explanation for this: This is the chart Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Derp) plopped out the other day during the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing.  They were interviewing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and some of the lesser-brained were asking/demanding that Sessions launch a special prosecutor to investigate ALL THE CLINTON […]

The stupid is strong…

Here, have a stupid: Bill Would Ban the Teaching of Scientific Theories in Montana Schools You should go read the article — it’s not long — but you can probably guess what it says without clicking through. Some idiot in the Montana legislature has taken it into his head that we should not be infecting […]

Critical Race Idiocy, Oklahoma edition

(An earlier version of this post, and tweets referring to it, named Arkansas as the state in question. Even though the mistake is understandable, we regret the error. Oklahoma, this is on you, babe.) As you probably are already aware, the amygdala-based lifeforms among us have decided to be afraid of something called Critical Race […]

The solution exists, Kenneth

The novel coronavirus pandemic and our consequent Captivity have resulted in financial catastrophe both for regular workers and business owners, and no real solution has been proposed other than the vacuous “OPEN UP THE ECONOMY, KENNETH!” Businesses can’t open, and workers cannot work. Paychecks evaporate. Rent vanishes. Choices have to be made between groceries and […]