Rhine River: Day 1, part 1, probably

That’s right, boys and girls, we’re heading off for another Grand Adventure, this time to sail the Rhine River with Viking River Cruises.

Already the adventure is fraught: my Lovely First Wife has received emails that we can’t check in with Delta because they’re still monkeying with our flight. My TripIt Pro, on the other hand, says IT’S TIME TO CHECK IN, YOU DOLTS!

So just now I went to do that and was told that I cannot be “validated” and therefore checked-in. I was able to check my Lovely First Wife in, so this might be a lonely eleven days for me… Be right back, I have to call a number.

Sidebar: Technology has been inimical to me all week. I will not bore you with the details, but major corporations’ websites and apps have malfunctioned every day. At the moment I’m looking at my phone’s Delta app just twirling and twirling as it “loads”… whatever it’s trying to load. All I’m looking for is the phone number for my “local reservation office,” and the link from that text on the laptop just goes to a general info page with nary a phone number in sight. And no matter where I start from, logged in or not, the path always leads back to this general info page. It’s like the thing on Wikipedia: If you go to any article and click on the first link in the article, eventually you end up at Philosophy.

After much clicking, I found a number, the bot at which then tried to understand the human language we call English, and it foisted me off onto a messaging system, which I actually prefer. I am now chatting with Tyrece and hoping that he actually has a ready solution to this stonewall.

While I’m waiting for Tyrece to reply, this is as good a time as any to remind both of my readers that should you give in to your larcenous impulses we have an actual adult living our house while we’re gone, plus Cecil the Pest™ is pretty cranky.

Tyrece “adjusted” my ticket — who knows? — and I’ve been validated, thank you very much. Now to figure out how to backtrack and get my Lovely First Wife’s boarding pass…

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