Greece, a brief interruption

When one is on a river cruise, Viking for example, you are essentially in a hotel that moves, i.e., you can unpack and not worry about stuff until the end of the cruise. The hotel moves, and you have a lot of time to collect your thoughts and blog.

On a bus tour, Gate 1 for example, it is you who is on the move, living out of a suitcase from day to day. You may have some downtime on the the bus, but if you’re exhausted from climbing through the ruins of Mycenæ and perhaps didn’t sleep well because of torn meniscus, for example, you may choose to nap instead of collecting your thoughts and blogging.

So it has happened here.

We’ve decamped in Delphi—great gods in Olympia (where we were today), how the hell did this civilization develop when all its cultural centers were all so inaccessible?—and tomorrow is a very long bus ride to Meteora, so I’ll get Day 3 and Day 4 done on that ride.

To tide you over, here are two kittens napping in the artemisia outside the museum at Olympia. (You’ll get their lovely, affectionate mother tomorrow.)

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