Bizarre plants, part deux

Last month some time I transplanted this weedy-looking plant back to the “hedge” garden along with the mullein, because both looked like they were going to be inappropriate for the front.  I may have thought it was a mullein plant, although it looks nothing like it now.

Then day before yesterday I noticed that it had some odd looking blooms on it, and this morning:

Kind of wow, you know?

Through the genius of the hive mind—remember, boys and girls, that someone on Facebook can give you a straight answer—I learned that this is a Canterbury bells. (These are…?)  They self-seed, which means it’s in exactly the right place given that I want all those plants to take over the area.

However, my research has revealed it doesn’t really like heat.  I may have to see if I can find its descendants a better home in the back flower bed.

I have no idea where it came from.  I didn’t plant it.

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