Garden project: accomplished!

Task Avoidance can be wearying, as all Lichtenbergians know.  It’s the driving force behind Lichtenbergianism‘s success, after all: putting off all the stuff you need to work on eventually drives you crazy enough to do the work.

Thus it was with my garden markers project.  I just kept putting it off until it had to be done, and now… well, we’ll come back to that.

The concept was simple.  I needed herb garden markers that would a) identify the weirdo herbs I’ve planted without making me put on my glasses; b) remind me what they’re used for (coughs, flavoring, etc.), along with any notes about harvesting, etc.  Simple enough, but it took weeks.

I bought a cedar board and cut it into little blocks.

I drilled holes into the bottoms:

I sanded them mostly smooth:

I designed a little template for my information, printed those out, and affixed them to the blocks with Mod Podge, of all things.  (It was the outdoor variety, supposedly weather proof.)

I cut 8″ lengths of 1/8″ steel dowel, inserted those into the holes, and stuck them into the ground:

(Those are butterfly garden flowers, not weeds. Leave me alone.)

And we’re done!

Only not really.  I made a dozen blocks. I needed about eighteen.  Maybe next month…

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