More herbs!

Yesterday, another package arrived from The Growers Exchange:

Ignoring the scrawny citronella on the far left, there’s mullein and the acanthus-like cardoon, and in the back is the buddleia.

You will recall that previously I had purchased and planted new herbs, expanding the old herb garden.  (RIP, little borage, we hardly knew ye, and we certainly waited too long to ask Growers Exchange for a replacement…)

This batch includes two each of Buddleia, mullein, and cardoon, plus a freebie of citronella.

Mullein is one of those medieval medicinal plants, and it and the buddleia (aka butterfly bush) will go over at the side of the house where the privet hedge used to be.  They’re hardy and almost invasive, and that’s exactly what I need over there.

The cardoon, all of which is edible, will go in the new herb section. They tend to become invasive as well, so a) I’ll transplant new ones over to the hardy area; and b) I’ll start giving them away to you people, not that you’ve been any help with the Dill Plant That Ate Newnan.

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