3 Old Men: Euphoria… ready… set…

I spent today packing for the burn, which means I went to my database and printed out a five-page list of over 160 items that I have to pull from here and yon and get them ready for transport.

Since I’m using Craig’s trailer, everything has to fit onto a 6×8 rectangle. Behold!

If you look carefully, you can see the blue rectangle I chalked down to plan ahead.  Up at the top of the driveway you’ll notice the trailer backed into the carport—a feat so impressive that I had to put out a call on Facebook to beg someone to come do it for me.  Even after practicing for 30 minutes in a large parking lot on Bullsboro, once I got to College Street I could not get the thing even to approach the driveway.  So much for Radical Self-Reliance!

Let’s look at it from the other end:

All the stuff in front is going in the car.  The tools and bamboo will go between the tubs, cushioned by multiple tarps.

Tent, kitchen, tables, canopy, fire pit, fuel, tools, labyrinth (three tubs), tiki torches, lighting, ritual items, musical instruments, food, clothing.  All there.

Turn, turn, kick, turn—yes, it will WORK!


2 thoughts on “3 Old Men: Euphoria… ready… set…

  1. No need to feel inadequate in any way. I am determined that backing trailers into any space at all no matter what the dimension may be requires the bending of the laws of physics itself. My solution would have been to scale the whole operation down to the size of the rear cargo hold of an SUV.

    In summary, my gear would have been several crates of wine, a sleeping bag and a flashlight…..at best.

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