Lichtenbergianism: more competition

Today we have another book that I would want to include in any book proposal for Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy.  It is Get It Done: from procrastination to creative genius in 15 minutes a day, by Sam Bennett.

This is a really good book, folks.  The author delves into many of the same areas as Lichtenbergianism and in many of the same ways.  She addresses structured procrastination, the impostor syndrome, RITUAL, ABANDONMENT, even STEAL FROM THE BEST, and she does it in a fluid, witty, conversational style.

One major way Get It Done differs from Lichtenbergianism, though, is that Bennett gives many do-able exercises to help the procrastinator move into a productive state.  It is not my intention to be so prescriptive or so helpful.

Bennett also aims to show people how to become at least semi-professional artists, and I am so far from being able to help in that department that I shan’t even try.

Where I think I differ most significantly is in aiming Lichtenbergianism at more than fine artists: people can use the Nine Precepts in more than the creative life.

I do like the sidebar features, which has always been a part of my concept as well.  Probably that’s where all the personal testimonials from my fellow Lichtenbergians will go.

Summary: a very good book on procrastination for artists of all stripes.

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