Today in spam

Today I had 192 spam messages in my filter—a light day, actually.  I decided to scan them all and see what I’m missing out on.

Make Your No Alcohol
Resolution Stick
with Rehab

It seems to me that it’s either a ‘no alcohol [sic] resolution’ or rehab, but maybe that’s just me.

You can charter a
Private Yacht for
any event

And in case your plans change…

Private Jet Charters
are more affordable
than you …

Going on…

Grow Your Own
Enticing Cherries

Grow 10,000 Cherries
per Plant, Buy2 Get2
Today On...

Are cherries a thing now?  I can’t keep up.

This lipstick trick
is insane!

That’s actually from a legit email concern that I don’t care enough about to liberate from spam.

☽ Temp Temp Hooray

I let this one through just to see what it is.

Secret Brain
-Enhancer -the
elite – use

Damn Illuminati.

Images-Inside: Cops
Use Them! MUST SEE

Since this is from a concern called, I’m wondering if it came from my engaging with Not going to find out, though. [update:  It’s flashlights.]

View These Substance
Abuse Options

Very tempting, but…

An urgent message
(Open this now!)

And yet I am unmoved.


Yeah, I don’t know either.

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