Sam Cat’s Colors

Once upon a time, I had a kindergarten teacher ask me to do a lesson on colors.  So I wrote a book.  As one does.

Today I found all the photos while looking for images of our Successive Approximation of the sunflowers for William Blake’s Inn (to illustrate the process in Lichtenbergianism) and thought it would be fun to show them off.

The original used a pad of canvas panels and tempera paint for the brilliance of the colors; my inspiration was my Maine Coon Sam.  I forget how I bound the pages; it may have just been clips on the edge.

—click to embiggen and see Sam in his full glory—

Here’s the book:

The presentation was simple: I’d read a page and at the ellipses would pause to let the kindergarteners guess which color was next.  The book also promoted the idea of imagination—and the attendant alternate realities—as a very good thing.  Finally, there’s the subtle vocabulary lesson of superlatives used by Sam Cat. All in all, a successful lesson I think.

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