A scathingly brilliant idea

So today we were making up the bed in the guest room (the west one) and were bemoaning the fact once again that one has no clue which side of the sheet is the bottom and which the side.  The tag is on a corner, which is not helpful at all of course, and many the day we’ve had to take a sheet off and rotate it 90°.   This curse is especially strong on fitted sheets, as is widely acknowledged.

If only, we mused, the tag were in the middle of the bottom, then think how much easier it would be to put sheets on the bed.

Normally, after the idea of getting rich off such a scathingly brilliant idea passes, we sigh and go on about our dreary quotidian lives.

But not today.

No, today my lovely first wife said, “We could use a magic marker to mark the center of the bottom of the sheet.”

I will pause and let you bathe in the reflected effulgence of that idea.

And so, dear reader, we enter the glorious new world of sheet-marking.  Now we will be able to make a bed with no fear of getting the sheets wrong.  We will no longer dread having to remake the bed before we even get the comforter on.  We will march confidently from the linen closet to the bedroom with no misgivings, sure that we will get it right the first time.

The universe showers us with its love.

You are welcome.