Dream One, “Hark the sound of screaming fans!”

We’re just going to let this sit here for a while and annoy us.

Dream One, 4a. “Hark, the sound of screaming fans” | score [pdf] | mp3

In other news, I watched the Royal Opera production of Anna Nicole, music by Mark-Anthony Turnage, libretto by Richard Thomas.  You can find videos here, and the entire production via Amazon Instant Video.  Oddly, the show  has not been recorded.

It was quite entertaining—the music was likable and fun if not exactly hummable, and the production values were beyond excellent.  Costumes were incredible, and hats off to director Richard Jones.  And Eva-Marie Westbroek must be seen to be believed as the ill-fated Playboy bunny—she is simply amazing from beginning to end.  The rest of the cast was right behind her, too—do you know how mind-blowing it is to see a perfect replica of Texas trailer trash on an opera stage?  Great, great fun all round.

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