Dream One, “Hark, the sound…” — moving on

I did the sensible thing this morning: since I can’t make up my mind about Theseus’s little gigue bit, I just skipped ahead to where I was surer of what I wanted, mainly because I’d already written it.

After a little repartée between Theseus and Daedalus, Daedalus starts riffing on his machines again, so I knew we’d pick up the “machine music.”  Oddly, Daedalus continues his lilting 3/4 time over it.

Finally Ariadne enters, we get a few cheap laughs at her expense, and when the boys try to exclude her by picking up the gigue theme again, she busts a nut, leading into her “My mother spoiled and pampered.”

From there to the end of the Dream, we’re good.

No samples today because it’s all just pretend notes right now.  I’ll have to work on them some more before they become real.

Spoiler alert: the fact that T & D return to the gigue theme means that I probably am going to settle for that.

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