Dream One, “Hark, the sound of screaming fans!”

I’ve settled down to work on the remaining bit of Dream One, i.e., the section that follows Icarus’s “I am alone.”  In it, Theseus reveals himself as more of a showman than a hero; Daedalus is practically a monomaniacal technocrat; and Ariadne… well, Ariadne has issues.

Mostly today I’ve tried to parse the text and decide what it is that the music needs to be telling us.  I did some work on getting from the “machine music” scene change into Theseus’s opening lines, but now I’m doodling on the main theme of his number.  I think on the whole we need to hear some kind of lounge lizard or advertising jingle in his aria, but that’s going to take time, because after Daedalus interrupts whim with some priggish rebuttal, I want that theme to return for the bit of stichomythia between Theseus and Daedalus.

That in turn will be followed by the machine music (lightly), and then Ariadne, eternal feminist spoilsport, pipes up.  From there it’s just a short jump to “My mother, bored and pampered.”

Short version: I piddling around trying to invent an advertising jingle for the Event.

And I won’t have it done by the end of the week.

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