Patio progress

No musical updates today—I slept poorly and my brain just wasn’t in the mood to create whole universes this morning.

Fortunately1 I could still be useful by helping with The Patio, Part II: The Harlequinading.

This is what we had at the end of yesterday:

To the untrained eye, this might appear to be harlequinadesque, but we (Cow-Tip, Squirrel, John, and I) were informed that it was in fact patchwork.  We didn’t want patchwork; we wanted harlequinade.  European farmland, not Kansan.

So this morning, I rearranged the above patch into:

I was gratified to learn that this was in fact what we wanted.

As of lunchtime today:

We have run out of pavers, so those have to be purchased and painted before we can keep working.

Maybe I’ll get back to Theseus and his boosterism tomorrow.

And happy 36th anniversary to my lovely first wife!


1 for differing values of “fortunate”

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