Seven Dreams: Dream One

Whattaya know…  Another day of 2-3 on the LSCA!

I had thought I might just fart around with unplanned/unattached melodies and harmonies, but I went back to the idea of working on the rest of Daedalus’s entrance in Dream One.  And that’s what I did.

Those who are keeping track of my compositional style might be surprised at the simplicity of the harmonies of this section.  It seems a throwback, I know, but I’ve decided that the opening will be relatively uncomplicated as they introduce the idea of myth and its supreme value.  Trust me, when we segue into Icarus’s actual dream in another few measures, there will be enough interesting harmonies to do you.

The first bit of this section is quasi-recitative, blossoming forth with the previously heard aria, then (new part) retreating again before the chorus joins in.

The usual abrupt ending, which I’m pretty sure is going to get a new tonality before heading into the final bit of this section.  Simplicity is one thing; cheesiness is altogether something else.

Dream One: Daedalus | score (pdf) | mp3

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