Holy crap!

I’ve just been coasting along these past few weeks, neither composing nor drawing/painting. There have been all kinds of mitigating circumstances which I won’t go into here, but it’s been a very slack period.

Then this morning, I suddenly realized, holy crap, I have to write two more piano preludes to finish out the set , and I have a cello sonata of 12-15 minutes due by October. Holy crap.

In other news, it has not escaped my notice that the two recipients of the Artist Trading Cards have not returned theirs to me.

One thought on “Holy crap!

  1. Just pulled those out of my packed stuff today actually. (That’s right I am just now unpacking. Only so I can repack tomorrow and go to San Francisco for the improv festival.)

    I do intend to do this. Maybe next weekend.

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