Summer Countdown: Day 17

Not very productive at all yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, so I just moped about.

I did a concerted search for a hard copy of “Children of the Heavenly Father,” but I cannot find one. I don’t know why I’m obsessing about this particular piece. I think that if I found it I would find that it was not that good to begin with.

In rummaging through the attic boxes, I did come across a handwritten score for a Gloria I wrote many many years ago, before 1980 at least. I know this because it ended up in the Street Scene in Christmas Carol: “Isn’t it cold today? Weather fine for Christmas day!” I think Marc wrote those lyrics.

Perhaps I should reconstruct Christmas Carol instead?

In other news, Craig’s daughter Kathryn has accepted some of my raw paint-sketches for the ELP for an exhibit at her gallery. The show is called “If a Body Catch a Body,” and opens August 7. I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Summer Countdown: Day 17

  1. Heavens, for a moment there I thought you were making an incredibly lucky guess about my indisposal, then I remembered the “Catch a Body” thing.

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