Labyrinth: the westpoint

For at least a year now I have planned to use some leftovers from the construction of the labyrinth to build the westpoint focus. These are the bits of the paving stones that I lopped off to make the curves of the turns. I noticed that if I put them all together they’d form a nice stone circle.

I immediately desired to put them at the westpoint of the labyrinth, as a kind of gate to wherever the labyrinth leads. (As Craig pointed out, it might also be a gate leading in.)

As I’ve thought about it, I’ve been amassing stuff to help pull it together, literally: cables, ties, etc.. My plan is to drill a hole in each of the pieces and thread a coated cable through them to hold them in place. (I know I’ve talked about this before. I’m recapping.)

Until recently I haven’t been able to see exactly how I would mount/display this gate, but traipsing from point A to point B in Savannah last weekend gave me the time to meditate on it. Lest you think I am able to actually meditate, let me hasten to clarify: my thoughts were more or less “if we came across the coolest garden shop ever and they had exactly what I wanted, what would it look like?”

It would look like this:

I want a flat, table-like stone that either has a natural shallow basin in it or that I can grind one into. This gives me the water I need for the West’s element. The shallow nature will keep mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground, because it’ll evaporate before they can spawn. Maybe.

I’ll drill holes in the table and through the circle and insert rebar through as standards. Under the table, I guess I’ll wrap wire or use epoxy or something to keep the table from slipping down.

The next question, now that I’ve decided what it will look like, is whether the circle stones (which are actually just concrete) are deep enough to have a rebar-sized hole drilled in them. I’m betting not. I’m betting I have to go find actual stones to do this with.

A quest!

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