Ah, spring break

Spring break approaches. (The iPhone says we have seven days, 21 hours, and change.) So it’s time, don’t you think, for us to discuss what I should focus on?

I thought about hitting the music hard, but I don’t really have anything to work on. I have a couple of things to get in the mail that week, but they’re already written. As for the 24 Hour Challenge, I may actually restart that tonight.

Last weekend in Savannah, I was inspired by the art, and I thought then that perhaps I should spend the week sketching and painting, just fulfilling that Lichtenbergian goal of producing as much crap as I can.

There’s also the herb garden, it will be time finally, almost, to plant stuff, so that’s a semi-major project I can take on. Actually, I bought lettuce today. It was on my schedule to do so, a schedule that was penciled in when it was supposed to be sunny today. Oh well. I’ve moved it to Saturday. But that’s only the lettuce. The bulk of the herb planting will have to wait.

And there’s always the labyrinth itself. I need to get serious about the westpoint focus. If I’m really bored, I may do a sketch tonight of what’s been bubbling up through my brain.

There’s also the revamping of the southpoint. I have to find copper sheeting in pieces wider than the one foot rolls available at the Hobby Lobby, however.

The eastpoint still needs some development. I have the white paper flags, and that was easy. (Note to self: pick up the rained-on wads of white paper before mowing…) But I also want to string a rope with the cowbells I bought in Senoia between the two poles. I was thinking about some kind of semi-elaborate pipe/cap thing.

So, to recap, here are our choices for my energies on spring break:

  • composing
  • herb garden
  • art
  • labyrinth

Discuss. Be specific in your desires.

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