Labyrinth, 3/27/10

I got busy this morning and completed the eastpoint:

I added the cowbells I bought in Senoia a couple of months ago. At first, I just used rope, but the weight of the bells pulled the rebar posts too far out of line. I added the copper pipe as a stiffener, and it not only works, it looks good. Here’s a closeup:

OK, so the photos don’t do it justice. But there’s Air complete. The only real point to complete now is West/Water. Perhaps during spring break.

This afternoon was so beautiful outside, I just basked in the sun. Well, I quaffed a couple of quaffs of Xtabentun. But the afternoon earned it. You should have been there.

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 3/27/10

  1. Aha… I’m just catching up on your blog. I had wondered when you mentioned putting bells at the east point (on FB), if that was supposed to be an air sign, and now I see that it is. You darling little pagan, you.

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