PBSQ3, 3/9/10

Undeterred by the ministrations of the emergency room, nuclear medicine, and the cardiology staff of Piedmont-Newnan Hospital, I have continue to work on the piece from my hospital bed. (Yes, Piedmont-Newnan has wi-fi.) I’ll have to wait until I get home to play with some kind of ending, and I’m not sure the last eight measures make any sense yet, but it’s substantially advanced enough from yesterday’s version for me to post the new one:

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

I’m liking this a lot.

9:00 pm, Done, for the most part. I’m sure I’ll find plenty I want to tweak, the last cadenza in particular is just a place filler, and there are plenty of places where I’m sure you’ll think, “Oh, I see what he wanted to do there,” even if I didn’t. But if I don’t get to work on it again before I have to mail it out, it will serve.

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

And with that, here is the complete Pieces for Bassoon & String Quartet:

3 thoughts on “PBSQ3, 3/9/10

  1. Hm. It’s not long enough. I think the “chorale” part of the finale needs to be doubled, and the part where the bassoon finally joins in is quite nice and could be longer. Of course, in listening to it in my head, I have to keep reminding myself I can’t add the French horns and trombones.

  2. You call that music? It sounds like the pathetic scratching of a man who thinks he is having a heart attack.

    Seriously I am impressed you were able to continue working on it while going through your “fake ” heart attack. From one who has spent plenty of time in hospitals -for real things- the atmosphere there can be less than condusive for any creative work.

    This whole piece is quite delightful and fun to hear.

    I was glad to hear both “Pieces” and you are doing well.

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