PBSQ3, 3/8/10

Today was such a glorious day that I came home from school, changed straight into my kilt, and headed to the labyrinth to soak up the sun. I also sketched out the end of the “Heartfelt” theme and the beginning of the finale.

Here’s what I got:

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

Finale is not playing the molto rallentandos like I want, and yet it keeps playing the accelerando at m.79 all the way into m.82, making it sound like the bassoon is ripping out 32nd notes. I like the way it sounds, but I need to mess with the notation to get it to do that. Anyway, the last little sigh of the bassoon should be imagined as very slow and defeated.

From the little fragment at the end, I think you can tell where it’s heading. I should be able to wind it up tomorrow night.

Question: I played with actually writing out the dialog in the score; sometimes musicians can be obtuse. What do you think?

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