PBSQ3, 3/10/10

Cover me, I’m going back in.

Upon repeated, obsessive listening (a necessary part of my compositional process), I have decided that at least three portions of “Dialog” need to be longer: the Tango, the Chorale, and the Finale itself.

I’ll keep you posted.


8:30, It’s now official. I’ve expanded the Dialog bits that needed more, cleaned up the scores, and finalized the mp3 files.

Pieces for Bassoon & String Quartet, by Dale Lyles

I. Waltz | score [pdf] | mp3

II. Threnody | score [pdf] | mp3

III. Dialog | score [pdf] | mp3

I need an album cover. Somebody design me one.

2 thoughts on “PBSQ3, 3/10/10

  1. Congratulations! Very entertaining. All of it.

    My one bit of a wish: in the Dialogue after the tango around measure 80, you make it seem like the bassoon and cello are going to engage in a bit of a fuguing chase on lines that extend from the little three note motive in the cello, the one that begins the bassoon’s runs. It doesn’t happen. It doesn’t need to happen. But everything was pointing toward it happening. May be too headlong a result for a piece full of hesitations, but musically you created a bit of hunger for it.

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