PBSQ3, 3/7/10

All right! This movement is going to be fun, fun, fun, fun to write and fun to play.

All I’ve added this morning so far is the next strings bit of the “dialog,” but it was so clear as to how this is going to work that I had to share immediately:

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

12:00, Lunch break. And I think you’ll enjoy the piece so far. I was completely unable to suppress my tendency to wit, and now I’m just reveling in it.

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

1:40, Added a little more Tango. I think we need one more exasperating exchange, and then I’ve got the ending all worked out, except for the actual part where it stops, of course. I think you’ll like it. But first, some sun in the labyrinth, I think.

4:45, Lots of sunning and holding cats’ tummies to the sun. Eventually, though, I gave up the sun and came inside. I pressed forward and have reached this point:

PBSQ3 (Dialog): score [pdf], sound [mp3]

This is a pretty wonderful piece, I think. It makes me laugh: poor little bassoon can’t catch a break. No matter what he does, the strings turn it into something pretty. What to do?, to quote Mr. Honea. First I have to wind up this theme, and then we can begin our grand finale. And it is grand, I can assure you.

Another thought: I like the way it begins innocently enough, a pleasing yet serious contrast with the Threnody, but it has a game to play with the listener from the very start.

7 thoughts on “PBSQ3, 3/7/10

  1. Ok, that wasn’t enough information AND a cop out, it sounds amazing because of the contrast between the bassoon and the quartet. I am enjoying the way they are influencing each other. Its almost like a fight!

  2. What do you mean “not enough information”? The information is there in the music, and you got the gist of it precisely. It’s a conversation, with the strings dancing happy little dances around the earthbound (and increasingly cranky) bassoon. Yes, whatever the bassoon grumps out, the strings pick it up and turn it into something pretty. “Pretty” is such a pejorative term these days, but I say why the hell not? As I always say, given a choice between a paper cut and an orgasm, I don’t think I need to ponder. (Too much? My apologies…)

  3. lol, I meant in regards to my previous post, sorry. I meant that I didn’t give enough information and I was copping out.

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