Painting, 12/16/09

I got so bored last night that I painted.

I had two paintings on my easel, Field IV and a self-portrait, but I had no vision for Field and no guts for the portrait, so I pulled out a blank board and started on it.

Different, yes? I mean, in some ways, like the fact that the foreground is two major blobs instead of multiple blobs, and they’re made of mixed colors.

I keep thinking there should be a very large object intruding from the left side of the canvas. I’ll keep envisioning that one.

Then I put up a piece of paper and began another self portrait, which you will forgive me if I don’t share here. It’s very sketchy, and my intent is to keep adding layers of paint to it and define my figure more and more as I go along.

Not at all productive, I don’t think, but hey, it’s paint on board and not in the tube.

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