24 hour challenge #9

From Aditya, who may still be in India, comes 4-642-10:

Listen! Where Atlantic beats
Shores of snow and summer heats…

That’s ll. 21-22 from Bret Harte’s “What the Engines Said.”

[If you’re just joining us, here are the instructions for the 24 hour challenge, as well as previous efforts.]

6/03/09, 1:05 pm

24 hour challenge #9, “Atlantic Beats,” for Aditya: score [pdf], performance [mp3], bassoon [mp3]

OK, Adi, we’re even. This is good stuff. Harte’s original poem was about transcontinental trains, but clearly I’ve set this as some kind of sea chanty. I think it has some beautiful harmonies in it, and the recombination of earlier measures once the voice enters is striking.

3 thoughts on “24 hour challenge #9

  1. I am still in India actually; I will be here until the end of August, at which point I will fly away to Brown.

    I learned to play the last one, although it is giving me some trouble to sing it at the same time.

    (I have not sung in too long


    I am trying though!)


  2. Oh great, now I have to worry about whether Aditya can really play what I write!

    Actually, with #8, I had to go back and fix a place where the right hand crossed over the left hand in a very un-pianistic way. This was before I emailed a pianist friend to go look at what I had done.

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