Painting, 4/8/09

No new paint yet, but I have broken my resolution not to buy things:

I went to buy a couple of new tubes of paint and ended up with the paint and a new sketch box easel.

Wait, please, I can explain.

I hate painting flat on the table. As my hands and eyes regain whatever it is they had back when I did paint, they’ve rebelled against making do with my drafting table. Also, I have been mulling over a series based on the labyrinth, and that means en plein air, and that means hauling all my crap downstairs. This gizmo solves all the problems. See the little drawer on the side? Isn’t it cute?

And the easel part actually extends below the edge of the table, which is more than perfect. So it wasn’t exactly the kind of purchase I was forbidding myself from making.

Besides, I already bought $300 worth of ferns for the labyrinth last Saturday.

Shut up. I don’t have to listen to you. You’re not the boss of me. I have a painting I have to finish.


This is what finished looks like before tomorrow morning when I look at it again and decide to futz with it:

The comments, as always, are open.

3 thoughts on “Painting, 4/8/09

  1. I see impressionistic daubings evoking happy snow folk. I haven’t been following your progress close enough to know if that’s what you intended. You actually saw something like this when we had our day of snow? You are painting from life, right?

  2. My, aren’t you a cheery little interpretator?

    Not from life, no, but snow people, yes. I hadn’t really intended it to be identifiable as such, merely taking (as I did before) a photograph and ringing my interpretations in an abstract kind of way on the colors/structure of the photo. But you’re right, it gives that undeniable impression anyway.

  3. Dawn has a cousin who made his own sketch box easel which looks remarkably like yours. Of course I realize that is not your forte.

    I also thought of snow people when I saw the first version of your painting, but thought you might be playing with shadows.

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