Painting, 3/3/09

One way to deal with the Dakota:

Just cover it up. The ochre stripe came to me last night as I tossed and turned. The “sky” area may go Prussian blue tomorrow.

In other news tonight, I almost had a solution for the center omphalos of the labyrinth. We had stopped at a home furnishings place in Buckhead, and there was a glass bowl thing with a hole in the bottom that would have been perfect: about an inch thick, and gold. Alas, it’s too small. I shall have to take it back. But I’m really thinking that the central bowl should be gold. That presents its own problems, of course.

One thought on “Painting, 3/3/09

  1. Not that the purpose of your effort is to please me or anything, but I really like the way the part of the work with the painters turned out. It suggests a distant memory.

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