A little work

I sent the unfinished “Fanfare for Double Bass Duo & Marimba” to be looked over by the musicians. I had an ending to it, but it was silly, so I lopped it off before sending the rest of it.

I’ve been working on a two-piano arrangement of “Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way,” or as the Lacuna chorus always referred to it, “Ah, Number 10…” My reasons for doing so? It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s not going to get performed any time soon with the orchestral accompaniment, and the original “piano score” was actually a sketch using a piano voicing but is way too spread out to be played by two hands. Two pianos can actually cover all the notes, plus the ones I added when I orchestrated it. One piano would be easier to convince someone to do, but I’m sticking with two for the moment.

Anyway, that’s been going well, and it’s not hard. I just duplicated the piano part, and all I’ve had to do is go back and delete some notes, double other notes, and revoice some of it.

And today, I actually made myself do some abortive sketches for Maila’s Trio. Ironically, I went back to read the Lichtenbergian Assignment featuring the nonexistent work to get some ideas for it.

Here’s the fragment I got done today. It’s kind of nice, I think. Where the trombone is going to fit in, God only knows.

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