89 days: a little progress

We have guests this week, so my time is not very concentrated on the symphony, which is very worrisome actually.

But tonight I was able to get in a couple of hours of work, and I think I got the minor agitato section mapped out. I’ve been very bold with the harmonies, which means that the more I listen to them the more I’ll try to smooth them out. I’m going to try to guard against that. Here’s the mp3, the new bits unorchestrated.

I also did some fiddling with some orchestration here and there, but probably nothing you’d notice.

There are real issues with the instruments not following the dynamics. I have almost given up trying to figure it out. There’s one more idea I might try involving the master mixer; perhaps I’ve set it too low for the instruments to play a real forte, so it maxes out at mezzo forte or something. But I’m betting that’s not it.

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