91 days: no progress

After a late night last night at the Venetian Ball, a fundraiser for the Centre and a whole lot of fun, I was in no shape to work seriously on the symphony, despite not having touched it in days.

This afternoon I opened it up and toyed with the harmonies in the Grandiose Bit. I’d been thinking that the three repetitions of the two-measure phrase was just a bit too repetitious, so I played with changing the middle repetition a bit.

It didn’t really work, but that was because I’ve had my laptop in the living room all weekend instead of upstairs, where I can actually figure these things out on the keyboard. Changing one chord was such a mess that I decided against playing with it any further and reverted to the original. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll try again.

Later in the evening I worked on the Lichtenbergian website, adding the seal to the header, and the author to each post. That actually took a while, because CSS/PHP is cranky. But now we know who wrote each post, at least.

I have been most impressed with my fellow Lichtenbergians’ mock exposés of themselves. Varying degrees of outrage and satire abound. I am actually keenly awaiting the exposés of some members who are in reality the more outrageous of us all: Matthew, Mike, Craig and Jobie. If they don’t post by the middle of the week, perhaps the rest of us can write one for them.

6 thoughts on “91 days: no progress

  1. “If they don’t post by the middle of the week, perhaps the rest of us can write one for them.”

    Surely you jest, or do you mean write one about them?

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