IV. Lento, some progress

I didn’t post any of the work, minimal as it was, that I did this week, so here’s your first look at it since last Sunday.

It picks up at the end of the opening Lento section. I think this is the first time you’ve heard the Rachmaninov Ripoff Theme™ with the oboe instead of the solo violin. I think it’s better. The solo violin was just a political move anyway, to make Stephen happy.

The obligatory repeat follows, and then, instead of the wistful lullaby-like version of the agitato theme in G major, I’ve launched into an allegro with the agitato theme in D major. More exciting, and it gets us into the keeping-the-balloon-in-the-air section earlier and with more vigor. The lullaby segment will return later, I think.

I cut this mp3 off sometime after the orchestration I’ve been working on runs out and we’re back to the piano sketch of a week ago. Keep in mind, as always, that the computer is cutting off some held notes; dynamics are hit or miss (although I’ve monkeyed with the mixer to make the brass not so loud); and some of the segments are still missing… something. That’s what this week will be about.

Since I’m off this week, I’m going to try to get the balloon-in-the-air section done and be firmly into the Awfully Grand Recapitulation of the Rachmaninov Ripoff Theme™ by the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “IV. Lento, some progress

  1. Very nice. And I must say I enjoyed hearing it pretty near instantaneously upon clicking. Thanks, again, for the help.

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