IV. Lento, quick note

Busy as a bee this morning, not even 9:00 and I’m nearly to the lead-in to the return of the R.R.™ theme. However, as I listen to the sudden outburst of the minor agitato theme, it dawns on me that this is just an interlude, not the lead-in to the return. So, more work to be done. Actually, you might recall I had reserved the right to extend this section. It’s just that I thought I would extend the minor section and then plunge into the R.R.™. Now it appears there’s more to come after that. (There is a cat watching me type this as if she has just now noticed that I do this kind of thing. Or perhaps she’s trying to figure it out. She’s the one who, lounging, keeps reaching for the space bar to start or stop the symphony playing.)

10:07 am: Here it is, from the R.R.™ statement to the beginning of the minor agitato interlude. Sorry for the abrupt ending.

5:09 pm: Honest to God, I don’t know how this happened. (You’re listening for the new bit right after the obligatory repeat of the R.R.™ theme.) But it totally works and actually sets up the rest of the balloon section.

9:00 pm: Well, actually, it sounds a little stupid at the moment. But it will totally work once I get it tightened up.

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