IV. Lento, a breakthrough

All right, I think I’ve got it. I sequestered the heavy section into its own file, for future use. Then, and follow this carefully, I took the original opening (this one, up until the first brass choir) and added it after the brass choir in the current version, adding some woodwinds for flavor. In other words, it’s sort of the opening of this movement, but stripped down, without the scurrying violins.

Then, and this is the new part, I brought back the violins in their nervous 32nd triplet runs, and under that comes the English horn with a weirdly beautiful version of the agitato motif, very slow.

I think what’s going to happen is that the strings will pick up the agitato motif in a higher key, mutating it closer to its final form, and then it will struggle to stay alive, gasping for breath, until it just dies away.

From that death will arise the main theme in G major, solo violin, as you can hear at the end of the above clip.

No mp3 from tonight’s work. I want to get all the bits right first. But I am on the right track.

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