Ah, creativity…

Here you go, Jeff, notes scribbled on the back of a daily Dilbert calendar sheet shortly before going to bed, worthy of George Lichtenberg himself.

First, sixteenth notes, topped by the motif, with the note tense, light strings.

Also: use agitato theme as the dying out end of the 1st section, then pick up violin solo, use Sonatina agitato [treatment, later,] to lead into current heavy section, after it stops, huge tenuto/pickup to total Rachmaninov.

There. Everybody happy?

So maybe I’ll have better luck tonight in getting the opening section to the double bar.

2 thoughts on “Ah, creativity…

  1. Also, Stephen Czarkowski, my conductor, noted that the heavy section sounded very Shostakovichian.

    I’m not sure I wanted anyone to notice that.

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