IV. Lento, next bit

I think you’re going to be pleased, if not astonished. I know I am both.

You know I am a true Lichtenbergian* because this passage is really masterful, and yet I stopped before fully fleshing it out. Well, it’s bedtime, and I have a long weekend ahead of me. I can mess with it all day on Saturday while ignoring the GHP parent orientation video. Anyway, it’s all just clicking in the notes at this point.

The slow part coming out of the brass choir, right at the start, still sounds idiotic. There’s a gap where there should be a dying note. Oh, well, hear it under lights. **

I know you’ve heard it before, but here forthwith is the next section of IV. Lento.


* No, I haven’t heard from Noah, and no, I don’t have access to lichtenbergian.org. I understand he is very busy with some stuff that actually makes him money, but tomorrow will be two weeks from when the domain name went live. It’s getting to be a little too Lichtenbergian. Just hold those thoughts. That what your waste book is for.

** Honest to God, I was working on this passage tonight and glanced over at the pile of papers on the right and was shocked to see the piano score for “Dream Land.” I had completely forgotten the progress I had been making on Day in the Moonlight. Too late now, I’m on a roll. Plus, Stephen wants the score next weekend.

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