6 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian Charter: Discuss

  1. For example, do we need a Preamble? Or is that information included in Article I? Or should we take the definition of L’ism out of the Article and put it in the Preamble? Or what?

  2. Between making films inspired by Southeastern Native American mythic lore and my goodfaith upholding of the considerable demands of this Society and dutifully studying current events on the web, I have yet again lost myself. Thank goodness. I actually prefer petting other people’s pets and neglecting mine. It’s very freeing. More pets. More distractions. I live to serve the strong. Maybe I should actually become a pet. Let my identity be fully consumed in these struggles. Give me more to do. I wish to fill up every moment and be done with the plague of my thin abstract visions.

    (Somehow the above fulfills the Aphorist’s function; I just haven’t figured out exactly how.)

  3. Try this: come up with an artifact (here, I’ll get you started: an ARTyFACT??) that will shed light and/or thumb its nose at our colloquium topic. I suggest it because by accident I developed one last night.

    So, Marc, What is Art?

  4. I invite these things, don’t I. Busy work, perhaps it is assumed, will distract me from my self-defeating and destructive tendencies.

    So what did you develop on the previous evening?

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