A Noble Heart (Terry Maiers)

Terry attempts to shame us by submitting his abandoned novel a day after the deadline.

A Noble Heart

THIS being the prurient attempt to chronicle the LIFE OF A MAN who stands above all for TRUE LOVE in its purest form, which is so rarely observed today, and in his search for the WOMAN who will fulfill his dreams of a marriage of TWO SOULS so in LOVE that even though they may engage in some of the more SALACIOUS ACTS of human behavior their love remains commensurate to the PISTINE ACTS of two virginal individuals.


In which the Author appeals to the Reader for empathic consideration of his writing style.

In attempting to capture the true nature of our subject, the Author can only rely on his own observations and thus begins the slide into the inscrutable behavior of all men, of which the author has indulged all too much, and the predicament of trying to sort out the feelings and actions of one man who stands so far above others. Yes our subject is of human embodiment with the bulging torso muscles, the sculptured yet elegant stomach, the legs of such sinew like that of an athlete and in between those manly parts which can only be described as magnificent. Oh Dear Reader if you were to gaze upon the form of which I speak your thoughts may indeed go in the same direction, yet this is not what the Reader is to dwell upon if he is to gain the veracious impression that the Author intends to reveal. No it is the soul and the beauty that lies within that must be focused upon if this story is to capture the essence of its purpose.

But surely the Reader can see the botheration that enters into the mind as mere words do not do justice to what is in the heart, but can so well describe the outer attributes which were formerly mentioned. But it is that heart, which beats in that august chest, on which we must focus, and not let our gaze fall slowly to the other more salient parts of the anatomy. The Author will endeavor to use the most accurate words that he can to portray this most genuine love but do not be disturbed by the occasional foray into the more physical attributes as one is wont to do. Words by their very nature are mere tools and much better for describing the tangible world around us which our senses perceive. Those other-worldly qualities of which we can sometimes only hint must be sensed by you the Reader through the maze of flesh consuming tales in which this Author indulges at times. And with that forewarning let us begin our tale, an adventure in love so great that the sedulous task of telling it may sometimes fail to hit its mark and fall into the more licentious area of passionate affection.

5 thoughts on “A Noble Heart (Terry Maiers)

  1. So we’re talking pron here? Forget art! [Tried to find the Ogden Nash poem about art and naked ladies, but couldn’t.]

  2. Hmmm in reading this again I can see where the porn aspect comes from. That was not the intent but rather have the Author acting from a conventional “stuck in the body ” mode while trying to relate emotions from the post conventional lewel of “the body as object” all the while writing in the Fielding model. I sense as a good Litchenbergian I failed to make this impression.

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