8 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian Charter: Article V – Amendments

  1. “Nothing in this Charter shall be construed as to prevent the founding of a Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Society”? That kind of thing?

  2. Sure, why not? Not crucial, but …

    What about new (non-charter) members? Will there be hazing involved? A pledge or oath undertaken? A secret ballot? These aren’t things that necessarily need to be in the charter and by-laws, but something we might want to think about. Or not.

  3. A Ladies’ Auxiliary? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous? As if they would be remotely interested. Captain Beefheart and his band, remember, would express genuine frustration of the absence of chicks at their performances. They remained naively hopeful. Some things are just inherently male. I say that not in a spirit of chauvinism, merely in resignation. And if people with female anatomy are interested, we simply make them members of the Society. The authentic response of those “sexuated” as female, keep in mind, is to roll the eyes.

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