Lichtenbergian Charter: Article IV – Officers

Section 1, There shall be three officers, consisting of a Chair, a Secretary, and an Aphorist.

  • The Chair shall call the Annual Meeting and preside over it. He shall also appoint Vice-Chairs as necessary for any Special Meetings.
  • The Secretary shall record the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting in the Record Book. He shall also handle any Correspondence and Finances that are necessary.
  • The Aphorist will use his knowledge of the writings of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg to engage the Membership in an Understanding of Life.

Section 2, Officers shall be appointed by acclamation at the Annual Meeting. The term of office shall be until the next Annual Meeting, the date of which shall be determined at the prior Annual Meeting.

Section 3, If an Officer is unable to complete his Term of Office, he shall ask the Membership to replace him pro tempore via the usual incorporeal Communication.

updated Section 2, 12/17/07, by CM Dale Lyles, to reflect CM Jeff Bishop’s obsessive insistence that terms of office be delineated, and to allay his insistence on other items of even less interest or consequence to Lichtenbergianism and its adherents.

4 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian Charter: Article IV – Officers

  1. Maybe we should spell out that term of office is one year? It’s implied, but not explicitly stated. Also, does the chair preside only at the annual meeting, or at other meetings, as well?

    Who appoints committee chairs, as needed? Are we to follow Robert’s Rules of Order when motions are made, etc? Does the chair get a vote, or only in the case of a tie?

    Do all CM’s get to vote, or all members, or only officers? Are online votes permitted? What constitutes a quorum?

    You can tell I’ve covered government for newspapers for far too long. Feel free to ignore all these comments. We’re Lichtenbergians, after all.

  2. I guess we could be specific about terms of office being from one Annual Meeting to the next.

    My gut feeling at the moment is that only the Annual Meeting needs an agenda, and hence a president.

    Committees? Are you insane?

    Robert’s Rules of Order? Vid. sup.

    Vote? On what? Officers and amendments are by acclamation. Quorum? For what?

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